Planning for ministry assignments for first quarter, January through March 2018, is in the works.  If you know dates that you will NOT be able to serve, please leave a message for

Linda and Jerry no later than Monday, December 4.  Email Linda – linda@stbernadettekcmo.org and Jerry -Jerry@stbernadettekcmo.org.  You can also leave a voice mail message, 356-3700, ext. 218 (Linda) and  ext. 214 (Jerry).  You can also contact them via  My-Parish app and the St. Bernadette website, stbernadettekcmo.org as well..  If anyone wishes to change mass times, be sure to let us know that as well, otherwise we will schedule 8 and 10:30 ministers for the 9:30 mass time.



We are St. Bernadette Catholic Church. 

We have a 50 plus year history of leading people to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, through His Church.  

We welcome you to learn more about us on our website and, of course, to visit us in person for Mass.

Mass Times*

Saturday 4:00 pm; Sunday 9:30 am

Daily Mass:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  8:15 am
Communion Service:
Monday & Saturday: 8:15 am

*Please scroll to the border of this page for Communion Services
and other related information. Note that if a funeral is scheduled for a Monday through Saturday morning, that funeral Mass will take place INSTEAD of the regularly scheduled Daily Mass or Communion  Service.



Bringing people into relationship with Jesus Christ